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Sonipat ITI Admit Card, Government and Private Colleges, SCVT, NCVT, Exam Result | Updated:

In Sonipat city of the Indian state of Haryana, the Government started an Industrial Training Institute. The Sonipat Government ITI was set up for serving the vocational education needs of the youth population hailing from adjoining areas of Sonipat. Candidates can opt for vocational training after passing their Class X exams. The official website of the Sonipat ITI is

The various Indian states were given approval by the Government of India to conduct vocational programs as per the Craftsmen Scheme of the 1950s. As such, the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and Industrial Training Centers (ITCs) were constituted in the different districts of the varied states in India. After completion of the vocational programs of the ITIs and ITCs, students can gain employment in industries under the stipulated trades.

The trade courses impart basic skills training in the chosen trades, following which the individuals can work as operators or craftsmen. The technical training centers offer training in a series of technical trades. Aspiring candidates can apply for trades such as Machinist, Plumber, Fitter, Electrician, Carpenter, among others. Besides, qualified persons can start their own business, depending on the trades they are specialized in.

The vocational courses come under the engineering or non-engineering category. Under engineering trades, the aspirants can opt for higher studies their course completion; they can pursue Diploma in Engineering courses, among others.

The Sonipat ITI campus houses a well-stocked library, which is a rich source of reference material. Besides, computer laboratories offering internet connectivity are among other amenities for the pupils to avail.

Also, as part of the vocational programs at Sonipat ITI, industry visits constitute the course curriculum. In turn, the pupils get greater exposure to the industries and their ways of functioning. Moreover, students can engage in various activities for maintaining a healthy balance between academics and extracurriculars.

Sonepat ITI Colleges List

SR.NO.Institute CodeCollege Name
16000169 Baba Shiva Pvt. ITI Guda, Gohana.
2SNGR001 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Butana.
3SNGR002 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Gannaur.
4SNGR003 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Gohana.
5SNGR004 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Kathura.
6SNGR005 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Kharkhoda.
7SNGR006 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Mundlana.
8SNGR007 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Purkhas.
9SNGR008 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Rajlu Garhi.
10SNGR009 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Sonipat.
11SNGR010 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Women Sonipat.
12SNGR011 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Farmana at Kharkhoda.
13349 Shri Surajmal PVT. ITI, V.P.O. Sehri, Sonepat.
14350 Sh Shambu Dayal PITI Gohana Road Sonepat.