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List of Industrial Training Institutes(ITI) Trades List 2023 | Updated:

In the Indian Haryana state, skill-based training is conducted through the government-managed Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and privately-owned Industrial Training Centers (ITCs). The Government of Haryana manages the skill-based training centers via the Skill Development and Industrial Training Department. In a variety of trades, the ITIs and ITCs conduct technical training. For applying to the trade courses in the Haryana state, the aspirants should browse the official website,

As per the Craftsmen Scheme that was a Government of India initiative during the 1950s, the ITIs and ITCs were instituted. Also, in India, technical training is conducted via engineering and non-engineering trade courses.

Further, the trades are classified under the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) and State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT). Through the NCVT trades, the successful students receive the National Level Trade Certificate. And the State Level Trade Certificates are awarded after completing the SCVT trade programs.

Depending on whether the candidate secures NCVT or SCVT certificates, they are eligible to apply for jobs coming under the category of NCVT or SCVT.

Haryana ITI: Different Trades

In Haryana, the aspiring candidates have a choice in 47 engineering and 31 non-engineering trades. Both engineering and non-engineering trade programs span from 1 to 2 years. Also, the different trade courses vary in eligibility criteria. Some courses require the candidates to pass 8th or 10th or 12th standard exams.
Under the 1-year engineering trades, the applicants can choose among various trades. These include Foundry Man Technician, Plumber, Surveyor, Welder, Sheet Metal Worker, Mechanic, among others.
In 2-year engineering trade programs, aspiring candidates can enrol for trades such as Fitter, Electrician, Instrument Mechanic, Laboratory Assistant, Mechanic Motor Vehicle, Painter, among others.

The 1-year non-engineering trades offer a choice in trades including Front Office Assistant, House Keeper, Footwear Maker, Catering & Hospitality Assistant, among others.
The 2-year non-engineering trades include Retailing and Dental Laboratory Technician ones.
The authorities hold various screening rounds to select candidates for the varied trade courses.

प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम/ पाठ्यक्रम

SR.NO.Trade NameCourse Duration (in Month)Start YearEngineering/Non Engineering
1Motor Cycle62006Engineering
2Building Maintenance122004Engineering
4Foundry Man Technician121998Engineering
5Information Technology12Engineering
6marine Engine Fitter12Engineering
7mech. Repair & maintenace of Heavy Vehicles12Engineering
8Mechanic (Coummunication Equipment Maintenance)122006Engineering
9Mechanic (Repair and Maintenance of Light Vehicles)122006Engineering
10Mechanic (Tractor)122002Engineering
11Mechanic Diesel Engine122006Engineering
12Physiotherapy Technician122006Engineering
13Plastic Processing Operator121988Engineering
15Pump Operator - Cum- Mechanic122007Engineering
16Pump Operator-Cum-Mechanic12Engineering
17Sheet Metal Worker121999Engineering
20Lab Assistant182010Engineering
24Architectural Assistant242003Engineering
27Construction and Wood Working24Engineering
28Draughtsman (Civil)242007Engineering
29Draughtsman (Civil)24Engineering
30Draughtsman (Mech.)242007Engineering
35Electronics Mechanic24Engineering
36Electronics Mechanic242007Engineering
38Fabrication (Fitting and Welding)24Engineering
41Information Communication Technology System Maintenance242007Engineering
42Information Technology24Engineering
43Instrument Mechanic242010Engineering
44Machanic Computer Hardware24Engineering
46Machinist (Grinder)242003Engineering
47Mechanic (Consumer Electronics)242003Engineering
48Mechanic (Machine Tool Maintenance)242002Engineering
49Mechanic Agriculture Machinery24Engineering
50Mechanic Motor Vehicle242004Engineering
51Mechanic R AC242007Engineering
52Mechanic Radio & T.V.242005Engineering
53Mechanic Radio & T.V.24Engineering
54Mechanic-Cum-Operator Electronics Communication System242002Engineering
55Painter (General)24Engineering
56Painter (General)241989Engineering
57Production and Manufacturing (Dye)24Engineering
58Radiology Technician242006Engineering
59Refrigeration and Air Conditioning24Engineering
61Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds)24Engineering
62Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds)24Engineering
65Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures)362007Engineering
66Computer Aided Embroidery & Designing62006Non Engineering
67Data Entry Operator62011Non Engineering
68library & Information Science6Non Engineering
69Network Technician62011Non Engineering
70Basic Cosmetology121997Non Engineering
71Business Management12Non Engineering
72catering & hospltality Assistant12Non Engineering
73Computer Operator and Programming Assistant122011Non Engineering
74Computer Operator and Programming Assistant12Non Engineering
75Dairying12Non Engineering
76Desk Top Publishing Operator122004Non Engineering
77Digital Photographer12Non Engineering
78Dressmaking122003Non Engineering
79Embroidery & Needle Work122004Non Engineering
80Fashion Design Technology122003Non Engineering
81Fashion Design Technology (COED)12Non Engineering
82Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management120Non Engineering
83Health Safety & enviroment12Non Engineering
84Health Sanitary Inspector122003Non Engineering
85Hospital House Keeping12Non Engineering
86Interior Decoration & Designing12Non Engineering
87Litho-Offset Machine Minder12Non Engineering
88Photographar12Non Engineering
89Plate Maker-cum-Impositer12Non Engineering
90Secretarial Practice (English)121997Non Engineering
91Sewing Technology12Non Engineering
92Sewing Technology122002Non Engineering
93Stenography (English)12Non Engineering
94Stenography (English)122002Non Engineering
95Stenography (Hindi)122008Non Engineering
96Stenography (Hindi)12Non Engineering
97Travel & tour Assistant12Non Engineering
98Weaving of Woolen Fabrics122007Non Engineering
99Apparel (Garment Manufacturing)24Non Engineering
100Dental Laboratory Technician242003Non Engineering