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Kaithal ITI Admit Card, Government and Private Colleges, SCVT, NCVT, Exam Result | Updated:

Kaithal town comes under the Kaithal district of Haryana – a state in India. The Government Industrial Training Institute, Kaithal, was set up by the Department of Industrial Training Haryana Chandigarh. Aspirants who want employment as skilled or semi-skilled workers in different organizations can pursue vocational training at the Kaithal ITI. The official website of Kaithal ITI is

The Kaithal ITI conducts programs in an array of trades. These include Carpenter, Draughtsman (Civil or Mechanical), Dress Making, Welder, Sewing Technology, Multimedia, among others.

Across Indian states, youngsters have the option of gaining technical know-how if they do not wish to continue with conventional studies. Under vocational training, they can get technical knowledge of trades, following which can increase their employability. In turn, they can work in the stipulated trades and earn their livelihood. Also, the employment rate in the country improves by giving employment to the trained personnel.

India has several vocational training centers that come under Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and Industrial Training Centers (ITCs). The Government funds the ITIs; and private companies, the ITCs.

Further, the trades are categorized into two groups. The first is the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) that works as an advisory body and at the national level. The second is the State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT) that functions at the state level and follows the NCVT instructions.

Depending on the candidate’s preferences, they can enroll in the NCVT or SCVT trades. The trade programs include a 1-year Apprenticeship program as well. Also, after the student completes their technical training, they are granted the NCVT or SCVT certificates accordingly. Subsequently, they can apply for jobs that are grouped under the NCVT or SCVT category, whichever applies.

Kaithal ITI Colleges Lis

SR.NO.Institute CodeCollege Name
16000094 Dhand PVT. ITI, Near H.P Gian Singh Filling Station, Kaithal Road, Dhand, Kaithal.
26000095 Rama PVT. ITI, Village Kutubpur, P.O. Diwal, Distt. Kaithal.
36000096 Shri Ram PVT. ITI VPO Rajound, Pundri Road, Rajound, Distt. Kaithal.
4KTGR001 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Guhna.
5KTGR002 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Gulha Cheeka.
6KTGR003 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Kaithal.
7KTGR004 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Women Kaithal.
8KTGR005 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Pundri.
9KTGR006 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Women Pundri.
10KTGR007 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Kalayat at Pinjupura.
11KTGR008 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Rajaund at Kaithal.
12KTGR009 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Pabnawa running at Govt. Industrial Training Institute Kurukshetra.
13343 Yuvraj PITI, VPO Batta, Kaithal.
14381 Yuvraj Pvt. ITI.
15394 Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Pvt. ITI.
16419 BPR Private ITI.
17448 Kaithal Private ITI