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About Gurgaon ITI | Updated:

Located towards the southwestern part of New Delhi lies Gurgaon city, which is part of the Indian Haryana state. In Gurgaon, the Department of Industrial Training, Haryana, constituted the government-run Industrial Training Institute (ITI). Youngsters from adjoining Gurgaon areas who have an interest in pursuing vocational trade programs can enrol in the Gurgaon ITI.

India houses a host of government-funded Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and privately-funded Industrial Training Centers (ITCs) across different states. These vocational training programs offer aspirants an opportunity to gain knowledge of a variety of trades, as per their interests. If they do not wish to pursue traditional schooling, they can apply to the vocational trade courses that the ITIs and ITCs hold.

The Craftsmen Scheme was introduced during the 1950s. Under this initiative, the Government of India started vocational training centers, which function as post-secondary schools.

At the technical-based training centers, the aspiring candidates can choose among several engineering and non-engineering trades. The vocational programs have durations starting from 6 months and can go up to 2 years.

More so, the varied trades come under two groups. These include the National Council of Vocational Training or NCVT and State Council of Vocational Training or SCVT.

At the national level, the NCVT plays the role of an advisory body for issuing directives on the conduct of the vocational courses. Then, the SCVT functions at the state level for applying the NCVT guidelines.

Both NCVT and SCVT trade programs make pupils eligible to work in the stipulated trades in various organizations. They receive NCVT or SCVT certificates, owing to whether they complete the NCVT or SCVT trade programs. Accordingly, they can search for jobs depending on their certifications, either NCVT or SCVT.

During technical training, the pupils have to complete 1-year Apprenticeship training programs. As part of their training, they can work under the skilled or semi-skilled categories in companies.

Under technical training courses, candidates can enrol for different trades at the Gurgaon ITI. These include Mechanic (Electronics), Draftsman, Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air Cooling), Wireman, Machinist, Turner, among others.

Gurgaon ITI Colleges List

SR.NO.Institute CodeCollege Name
16000041Babu jag Jeewan Ram ITC, near Govt. College Jatauli, Mehchana Road, Hali Mandi Pataudi, Distt. Gurgaon
2GGGR001 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Gurgaon
3GGGR002Govt. Industrial Training Institute Women Gurgaon.
4GGGR003Govt. Industrial Training Institute Mojabad at Gurgaon
5GGGR004Govt. Industrial Training Institute Sohna
6353 Deaf & Dumb Institute Gurgaon