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About Bhiwani ITI | Updated:

Similar to other districts of India, the Bhiwani district of the Indian state of Haryana has several technical training centers. Bhiwani city in Bhiwani district houses the district headquarters.

Among technical training institutes are the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) that are government-run ones and the Industrial Training Centers (ITCs) that are privately owned. In India, both ITIs and ITCs are considered as post-secondary schools and were started under the Craftsmen Scheme of the 1950s by the Government of India.

Under technical programs, the aspirants can apply for engineering and non-engineering ones. Besides, the different trades are categorized under the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) and State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT) ones.

The NCVT functions at the national level for providing an array of vocational courses. The Government set up the NCVT (an advisory body) for charting out guidelines on the conduct of the technical training courses. SCVT operates as per the NCVT guidelines while working at the state level.

Also, the technical-oriented courses last for durations ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Depending on whether the student completes the NVCT or SCVT trade programs, they receive the NCVT or SCVT certificates respectively. Accordingly, they can apply for jobs with varied government organizations and pursue the trades that they have specialized in.

The ITIs and ITCs are, also, equipped with a range of educational resources. The pupils are offered facilities such as internet connectivity, sports grounds, library services, cafeteria, computer centers, among others.

Aspiring candidates can choose among a host of trades. These include fitter, machinist, foundryman, sheet metal worker, Painter, Mechanic, Stenographer, among others.

Bhiwani ITI Colleges List

SR.NO.Institute CodeCollege Name
16000014Adarsh Medical PVT. ITI, Loharu Road, Uttam Nagar, Bhiwani.
26000015Ravi PVT. ITI, Atelakalan, # 68, DC colony, Bhiwani
36000016Sainik Pariwar Bhawan PVT. ITI, Charkhi Dadri
46000017Modern PVT. ITI, Near Petrol Pump (ESSAR) V.P.O. Chang Bhiwani
56000018Shiv PVT. ITI, Bhiwani Road, Tosham
66000019Major Nafe Singh Kungeriya PVT. ITI, Kungar, Bhiwani.
76000020Ideal PITI Singhani, Loharu Distt. Bhiwani
86000021Gyankunj PITI Singhani Bhiwani
9BWGR001Govt. Industrial Training Institute Bhiwani.
10BWGR002Govt. Industrial Training Institute Women Bhiwani
11BWGR003Govt. Industrial Training Institute Behal
12BWGR004Govt. Industrial Training Institute Women Charkhi Dadri at Rawaldhi
13BWGR005Govt. Industrial Training Institute Devrala
14BWGR006Govt. Industrial Training Institute Kalali-Balali
15BWGR007Govt. Industrial Training Institute Loharu
16BWGR008Govt. Industrial Training Institute Rawaldhi
17BWGR009Govt. Industrial Training Institute Tosham
18BWGR010Govt. Industrial Training Institute Women Tosham
19BWGR011 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Santaur
20BWGR012Govt. Industrial Training Institute Jamalpur
21364Sarda Pvt. ITI, Surajgarh road, Loharu, Distt.-Bhiwani
22365SD Pvt. ITI, VPO-Isharwal, Tosham, Dist.-Bhiwani
24384College of Security Studies Pvt. ITI, Tosham, District - Bhiwani
25386Shree Shiva Pvt. ITI, VPO- Lohani, District - Bhiwani
26387MBhiwani Saraswati Pvt. ITI, VPO - Kalond Siwani, District Bhiwani
27388Modern Pvt. ITI, VPO - Dhigwana Mandi, Loharu, District - Bhiwani
28391Ruhiance Pvt. ITI, Bhadhra, District Bhiwani
29393Udami Ram Memorial Pvt. ITI, Vill - Jewali, Tehsil - Badhra, District - Bhiwani
30395BITS Pvt. ITI, 10 KM Stone, Bhiwani - Rohtak - Delhi Road, Sarsa Ghogra, District - Bhiwani
31399JBM Private ITI, Jamalpur, Jamalpur Teh. Bawani
32400JBM Private ITI, Thilor, Tosham Bhiwani Haryana- 127040
33402RBR Private ITI, RBR Private ITI, Biran Teh&Distt. Bhiwani
34403Shanti (Pvt) ITI, Shanti (Pvt) ITI Isharwal (Bhiwani)
35418Saraswati Private Iti, VPO Tosham, Bhiwani
36428Shri Vishavkarama Private ITI, Barwa,Teh. Siwani, Distt. Bhiwani
37436Udan Private ITI, Sanwar, Distt. Bhiwani 127042
38439Shree Shyam Private ITI, VPO Shamaspur, Teh.Charkhi Dadri, Bhiwani
39440Isharwal Private ITI, VPO Isharwal, Teh.Tosham, Bhiwani
40453Govt. ITI Kadma at Kalali Balali (Bhiwani), Govt. ITI Kadma at Kalali Balali (Bhiwani)